Reading 4 Ghana Program

The “Reading 4 Ghana” program is designed to provide students in the U.S. an opportunity to join our efforts of promoting literacy here and abroad.  Together, we are taking a stand for the importance of reading – all across the globe.  Here’s how the program works:

  • U. S. students will have an opportunity to help bring books to Ghana through their own commitment to spend time reading.
  • Participating K – 6  classrooms will raise money for our current library project in Ghana through minutes read , both in and out of the classroom.   Minutes read = Dollars earned!
  • We will visit each participating classroom to launch the program.  We will share our personal experiences in Ghana through stories, photos and artifacts.
  • Students will maintain a reading log for a determined amount of time.  Classroom teachers and students’ parents will be responsible for monitoring the reading logs.
  • Local businesses and community members have the opportunity to advocate for the importance of reading by financially sponsoring a classroom.


Join our mission to keep children reading!!  If you know of a class who would like to participate in this program OR if you would like to financially sponsor a classroom of readers, please contact: