Hand In Hand For Literacy Community Library – Ghana

The Hand In Hand For Literacy Community Library at Challenging Heights School in Winneba, Ghana officially opened on April 15, 2014. The grand opening ceremony was attended by the U.S. Ambassador of Ghana, Gene A. Cretz, as well as local chiefs, dignitaries, staff and students. This library, filled with nearly 8,000 books, will be used by the students and staff at C.H. as well as the surrounding community on evenings and weekends. The library provides education for children who have been rescued from slavery or are at risk for child trafficking. CH School, located in one of the highest child trafficking affected communities in Ghana, provides classroom education to children between the ages of 4-17.  The population of the school (approximately 900 students)  is made up of 25% of children rescued from slavery, over 35% of children withdrawn from child labor and almost 40% of children from the community who are considered at risk. Education and the elimination of child slave labor are inextricably linked.  To eliminate child labor as a whole or even prevent children from being trafficked, it is necessary to address the educational needs of the poorest in the affected communities. As quoted by James Kofi Annan, founder of the C.H. School, at the opening ceremony, “Education opens doors to a brighter future. If education is the door – books are the keys”.