Jukwa Community Library Has Officially Opened »

After 10 long years of waiting….. the village of Jukwa, Ghana finally has the library they had envisioned for years. Due to various unexpected funding challenges, Jukwa has been waiting for this day since ground was broken in 2005. Community leaders never lost faith in their dream of providing a library for their community. HIHFL […]

Books for Jukwa Library Have Arrived »

A container of approximately 8,000 books has safely arrived in the port of Tema, Ghana. The books were shipped through Books For Africa, a St. Paul based organization. The community of Jukwa safely transported the books to their village where they are being stored until our board members Deb McNally and Karen Steinberg arrive to […]

E.P. Rock Elementary Read-a-thon a Huge Success!! »

The third graders at E.P. Rock Elementary School in Hudson, WI participated in a 3 week read-a-thon to raise money for our current library project in Jukwa, Ghana. Over the 3 week time period these amazing students read a total of 36,949 minutes outside of regular class time. This investment of time spent reading raised […]

Rivercrest Elementary School Rocks! »

Rivercrest Elementary School in Hudson, WI believes in the value of service learning as a way of creating global awareness. Each school year the students spend the month of May actively assisting a non profit organization through service or fundraising. Hand In Hand For Literacy was the school’s choice this year. To kick off the […]

Inspiring Teens Take Action »

Two inspiring Hudson, WI seniors decided to spend their summer doing something out of the ordinary. Deena Whitwam and Jonah Mahowald initiated a community wide book drive for HIHFL. Their 75 hours of service generated 1,270 books (boxed, sorted and labeled) plus awesome community awareness. Thank you Deena and Jonah. We are truly grateful!!

New Library Site Selected! »

It’s official! We are heading to Ghana once again to bring the gift of books and educational materials to a community who is living without them Our current project is in the village of Jukwa, Ghana in the Cape Coast region. For more information on this project go to our “Current Project” page.

Hand In Hand For Literacy Community Library Opens! »

The long awaited day has finally arrived! On April 15, 2014 a grand opening ceremony was held at Challenging Heights School in Winneba, Ghana to officially open the doors of the Hand In Hand For Literacy Community Library. The U.S. Ambassador of Ghana, Gene A. Cretz, spoke at the event. Following a cultural display of […]

Books To Set Sail Soon! »

A 20 foot container of 8,000 books will set sail on the Atlantic Ocean early September. Destination – Challenging Heights School in Winneba, Ghana. The books will take 4 – 6 weeks to arrive at the port in Tema, Ghana. Our board was busy preparing the books for shipment this past weekend.

Fundraiser A Huge Success! »

The Benefit Concert in The Sound Bite Cafe at McNallySmith College of Music was a high energy event filled with music, laughter, great people, food, wine and generous hearts. Jack McNally celebrated the release of his first CD, “Take Time” and generously donated the proceeds to the work that is being done in Ghana through […]

Library Construction Progressing »

The Challenging Heights School Library is well under way. The teachers and students are eager for construction to be completed and the books to arrive. Students excitedly shared with me their hopes and desires for the kinds of books that will eventually find their way into this library.